First Aid in the Field

First Aid in the Field

Part of the joy of hunting is being given the chance to ride across beautiful countryside but in the case of an accident this can mean that medical assistance takes time to get to you. The big fences, tricky obstacles and speed you ride at all lend to the exhilarating fun, but also add a level of risk, and it’s unavoidable that many people each year will take a tumble from their mount out hunting.

Would you know what to do if another rider suffered a nasty fall? The care a casualty receives in the first few minutes after an incident is critical and will affect their chances of recovery, and hunting in remote country may mean that you have anything from 10 minutes to half an hour before the first responders reach the casualty. Having a qualified first aider on the scene will prove invaluable in managing the accident scene, preserving life and promoting recovery until emergency services arrive or the injured rider is taken to a hospital.

Any rider who has had a fall on the hunting field may have sustained spinal injuries and should be treated with great care, however failure to breathe properly will kill someone faster than anything else, so the decision of whether to move the casualty should depend on signs of life. If the casualty is unconscious and breathing abnormally, they will require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Are you or anyone you hunt with capable of this? If they arent breathing normally, they will need CPR – do you know how to carry it out? Would you know what to do if someone on the ground was kicked? How to stop a bleed? If the answer is no to any of the above, it’s time to organize a first aid course.

Medi-K will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assess the situation, deal with resuscitation, fainting, bleeding control, shock, riding hat and body protector removal, recovery position, head injuries, foreign objects, seizures and legalities. We offer on-site training for all our courses at your yard, for a maximum of 12 people. Training is tailored to your group’s needs, so you can rest assured that any hunting field scenario will be covered. Would it not be reassuring for your members to know that there is someone present at all times who can provide immediate and critical first aid to a rider who’s fallen off or become unwell?

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