About Medi-K Training

Medi-K, First Aid Training for Horse Riders, is not your average first aid company, founded by an experienced paramedic & horse rider Kay Patterson, all training offered is nationally recognised & certificated.

We attend yards and riding establishments, don’t mind getting dirty, thoroughly enjoy the horsey chatter & we most importantly make first aid fun. Oh, and we work around you and your horses schedules.

We manage breaks around you needing to skip out, hay the horses or fetch them in from the field.

Kay adds that if someone is with a person that has an accident they tend to panic because they don’t know what to do. And often it’s what not to do that’s the most important thing to learn.

“Certain things that someone might instinctively do can cause more damage to the casualty,” says Kay. “For example, pulling them to their feet and telling them to get back on the horse or taking off someone’s hat when they may have neck damage.

“You’ll find people take their friend off to the coffee shop for a drink because they’ve had a fall and are feeling drowsy, when in fact they’ve got concussion and need medical help. In most cases the best thing you can do is call for help, offer reassurance and encourage the injured person to stay still until medical assistance arrives.”

Taking a first-aid course will leave you with the confidence of knowing what to do should a situation arise – and it could lead to you saving someone’s life.

If you want more information on the services we offer, please contact us here